An Unexpected Meetup

About a year ago, I visited a hairdressing shop in the Serangoon area. The shop, New Chay Hong Lady Beauty Parlour 彩虹女子電髮院, had been at the same premises for 60 years. My friend experienced a "cut and wash", and I was just looking around. It was more of a novelty, and a chance to look at traditional businesses that are slowly vanishing.

A few days ago, I ran into the hairdresser in the subway. I said "hello", but of course she did not recognise me. Still it was an unexpected, yet pleasant meeting. She mentioned that now, the shop is having a 6-month rolling lease, to be renewed every 6 months. The next renewal is in June 2014. "And then I'll see", she says. "Hopefully I keep going on as long as I can." I guess, there's a real possibility that the shop may be closed down soon.

She gave me her home telephone number, and asked me to call next time before going to visit. I said I would encourage more female friends, especially my friends from abroad to go. It would be a very nice cultural souvenir to experience a "cut and wash" from a traditional hairdresser.